My writing covers a wide spectrum, with my pet topics at Crikey including: asylum seekers, Aboriginal Australian issues, feminist politics, the publishing industry, arts funding, the Murray Darling Basin river system, farmers, the restaurant industry, social media, travel, climate change science and its deniers, mental health and social issues. Here’s a selection from my time at Crikey, where my writing included profiles, breaking news stories, news wraps and longer-term investigations.


* Royal commission: victims to speak, for as long as it takes — The first day of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

What happens when an asylum seeker dies? — Fifty-five people are assumed drowned after an asylum seeker boat sunk near Christmas Island last week. How do Australian authorities deal with deceased asylum seekers?

Talkback radio: the one medium where feminism dare not enter the waves — Only one woman could be found as a radio presenters in the main commercial AM radio markets in Australia.

How Stella got her groove: the story behind our newest lit prize — How did the founders of the Stella Prize, a new award for Australian women writers, create a $50,000 award in just two years?

What life is like on Newstart: ‘every day is a worry’ — How does someone survive on unemployment benefits? Crikey talks to a jobseeker, a single mum and a graduate about how they live on just $497 a fortnight.


Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.46.01 PM

Battle ScarsBattle Scars was a nine-part investigation on post-traumatic stress disorder amongst young Australian soldiers. Battle Scars revealed delays in mental health policy implementation by the military and examined “warrior culture” PTSD issues from a range of sides (veterans, their families, psychologists and the military).

The Power Index: the most powerful person in food — I wrote a 10,000-word investigation into the most powerful people in the food industry in Australia for The Power Index (a subset of Crikey) in August 2012Produced a 10,000-word investigation into the most powerful people in the food industry in Australia for The Power Index (a subset of Crikey) in August 2012. Worked solely on the project for several weeks and flew interstate to interview sources. Profiles included chefs Neil Perry and Ben Shewry, cookbook author Donna Hay and the CEO of McDonald’s Australia.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.46.40 PM

* The Quality Journalism Project: The Quality Journalism Project was a series I co-ordinated and wrote which profiled 23 of Australia’s top journalists on how they defined quality journalism and where they went to get it. Project ran fortnightly between July 2011-March 2012.


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