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Since January 2016, I’ve been a staff reporter at The Guardian US. I cover everything from Kanye West to the curtailing of abortion rights by the states, and write breaking news stories, features, live blog and the occasional opinion article. I wrote over 110 stories on the US election (and continue to cover US politics in the new Trump era).

Between mid 2014 until December 2015, I worked as a reporter at the New York Post. I spent three months covering Mayor de Blasio and city council before moving to the Sunday paper, where I covered city hall politics, education and anything from what kids ask Santa for Christmas to police shootings.

From July 2009-July 2013, I worked full-time as a journalist at Crikey, Australia’s leading independent political news outlet. There I did everything from commissioning and editing stories to moderating comments. I created images in Photoshop, wrangled html code and battled deadlines on a daily basis.

I edited Crikey’s travel blog Back in a Bit and environment blog Rooted, managing 150 freelancers. I commissioned and sub-edited articles for Crikey Insider (Crikey’s daily email), Rooted and Back in a Bit. I maintained the Twitter and Facebook pages of Crikey, Crikey Weekender, Rooted and Back in a Bit. I also produced Crikey Weekender (a weekly arts & culture email), writing editorials and subbing copy.

Over those four years at Crikey, I also wrote over 350 stories, breaking news on topics ranging from feminist politics, Australian and US federal politics, climate change science, asylum seekers and food.

As part of my Crikey role I also regularly appeared as a guest on radio, including Spoke, a RRR radio show that covers current affairs, ABC Radio National’s Drive program, as well as several appearances on The Circle, a national TV panel show where I spoke about Australian politics.

In July 2014, I moved over to New York City, my favorite city in the world, to complete my Masters of Science at Columbia University.

Born in Canberra, Australia, I was mainly raised in Melbourne. I completed my degree at the University of Melbourne in Media and Communications, along with a Diploma in Spanish, after doing a year high school exchange to Miranda de Ebro, Spain.

I have travelled throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and parts of Africa. I speak Spanish and adore hunting out good local food.

*Photo of me by the wonderful Daniel Alonso of People Producciones.