My name is Amber Jamieson, I’m a multi-platform digital journalist with eight years of full-time experience. I’m from Melbourne, Australia, but now live in New York City.

I work as a reporter for The Guardian US, covering a heady mix of US politics, breaking news and pop culture. You can read my stories here. Previously, I worked as a staff reporter at the New York Post (check out my work) and Crikey.com (an independent Australian political news site, you can find my stuff here).

In 2014 I graduated with my Masters of Science at the Columbia School of Journalism, where I focused on food reporting, video, features writing and interactive design.

My skills are varied; I can produce breaking news stories and live blogs, write profiles and features, manage websites, run social media accounts, shoot and edit video, record audio, take photos and write HTML.

This site shows some of my written, video, audio and photography work. Want to check out my resume? Click here. Want to get in touch? Drop me an email or say hi on Twitter.


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